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    Personal act; make a difference to Earth

    I always believe that every one of us can make a difference, even if looks insignificant at first. I personally believe that it only need some amount of people to make something (either in good or bad deeds) to make the deeds became a global phenomenon. In the aspect of environment, especially in the today era where everybody seems to shout one thing which is to save the earth, save the planet, my above belief really shows its meaning. As I recalled, the Earth Hour event starts only in one city in Australia in 2007, but in just 2-3 years it is became the global event that took the world by storm. But I would like to stress out that even if the Earth Hour is really good, but it is not the only way we can save the planet. Many individual and company has done the same thing before and it
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    Wow,some one really love his sandal very much!! :D taken from http://thousandfleur.files.wordpress.com
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    Akhirnya bikin blog lainnya di blogdetik. Sampai sekarang, masih tidak tahu akan diisi apakah blog ini. Tetapi tidak mengapa, waktu juga yang nantinya akan menentukan akan berisi apa blog ini.. In the mean time, enjoy !!


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